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"Wow.. out for a night of fun and walked into Shooter’s Bar - La Crosse, WI and while ID’s were being checked the OWNER walks up to us, checks one members ID for a 3rd time and when we asked what the problem is, The owner told us that if we don’t like the fact that they are re-checking her ID to go call the NAACP, proceeds to calls us F****** Faggots and tells us to leave his establishment and anyone who defended us was kicked out. The Bouncer was mortified and just apologized as we left. We know that leaving silently was best for everybody at that moment but we will not stay silent about his actions.

This is the first time this has ever happened in our lives but glad to know we will never spend a dime of our money in this racist and homophobic establishment. In 2013 that a business owner thinks it is ok to use hate language and discriminate serving to a group of people based on race and sexual orientation is beyond comprehension and would ask people to please share this status as a sign that people will not stand for this type of behavior. Hate is hate and will only stop when all stand as one!”

It’s great town I live in(sarcasm.)  One nice thing is that this girls status has spread like wild fire and with all the support this bar might not be a bar for too much longer.

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